Hana Ishak
Warner Center Office
CalBRE# 01093446

Hana Ishak

Hana IshakWith over 21 years experience in the real estate industry working with national and international brokers, Hana has built a comprehensive network of specialists to ensure success. With aggressive marketing techniques, solid negotiating skills and comprehensive qualification of buyers, Hana can deliver exceptional service closing deals and maximizing return.

She provides 24/7 service to monitor properties utilizing expansive marketing tools to increase exposure among potential buyers, investors and agents and to capture any buyers showing interest in the property.

With over 20 years of formal education majoring in business administration, financial planning and tax preparation, Hana continues to educate herself on all aspects of real estate including short sale, refinancing, loan modification, marketing techniques, specializing in REOs with a focus on current market trends. An expert on tax benefits for first time buyers, with a substantial background in financial planning, she is able to assist buyers in making sound judgments regarding their investment in a new home.

She has extensive REO experience working with major lending companies like Countrywide, GMC, Green River Capital and Gateway Bank and have provided approximately 2,000 BPOs to numerous vendors. Hana’s expertise lies in transforming REOs into sellable homes.